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Previous Award Recipients


CONGRATULATIONS to all of our Kwanzaa Award Winners over the years!!!!!


Kwanzaa Award Recipients


UMOJA - Dede Gartrell
KUJICHAGULIA - Helen J. Collier
UJIMA - Ashley McGirt
UJAMAA - Taese Snowden
NIA - Rev. Harriett Walden
KUUMBA - Afua Kouyate
IMANI - Delbert Richardson
NGUZO SABA - Dr. Maxine Mimms


UMOJA - Africatown Community Land Trust
KUJICHAGULIA - Black Star Rising
UJIMA - The Breakfast Group
UJAMAA - QueenCare
NIA - Life Enrichment Group
KUUMBA - Nu Black Arts West
IMANI - Planting People Growing Justice
NGUZO SABA - Faith, Hope, and Charity

Lifetime Achievement
NGUZO SABA - Dr. Maulana Karenga

2 KUJICHAGULIA Black Star Rising.jpg

2021 KUJICHAGULIA (Organizational)
Black Star Rising

Black Star Rising is an educational enterprise studying Black history, culture, and anti-racist activation. We design and implement socially-conscious programs that elevate racial literacy and inspire transformation.

4 UJAMAA Taese Snowden.jpg

2021 UJAMAA (Individual)
Queen Taese Snowden

Please check out our Homeschool HUEniversity Virtual Campus which allows children and their families to take unlimited Afrikan-centered courses in all subject areas, affordably, while having access to hundreds of resources.


5 NIA Life Enrichment Group.jpg

2021 NIA (Organizational)
Life Enrichment Group (L.E.G.)

Life Enrichment Group’s mission is to provide guidance and support to youth and families through positive channels of education, performing arts, and mentorship.

7 IMANI Delbert Richardson.jpg

2021 IMANI (Individual)
Delbert Richardson

A Community Scholar, Ethnomuseumologist, and Second Generation Storyteller, of the national award-winning American History Traveling Museum: The "Unspoken" Truths

8 NGUZO SABA Faith, Hope, and Charity.jpg

2021 NGUZO SABA (Organizational)
Faith, Hope, and Charity

  • Feeding the Elderly (3rd Saturday).

  • Monthly Birthday Party for all. 

  • Celebrating Dr. King's Birthday all month with the kids! 

1 UMOJA Africatown Community Land Trust.jpg

2021 UMOJA (Organizational)
Africatown Community Land Trust (ACLT)

Formed to acquire, steward, and develop land assets that are necessary for the Black/African diaspora community to grow and thrive in place in the Central District as well as support other individuals and organizations in retention and development of land.

3 UJIMA Ashley McGirt.jpg

2021 UJIMA (Individual)
Ashley McGirt, MSW, LICSW

Ashley McGirt-Adair is committed to creating and maintaining opportunities for social justice and combating oppression. Her core mission is to eliminate barriers to mental health, while destigmatizing mental illness, and improving mental health outcomes, especially for Black people, and other communities that have been historically marginalized and oppressed.

4 UJAMAA QueenCare.jpg

2021 UJAMAA (Organizational)

Products designed with thoughts of how to best serve our skin while utilizing aromatherapy to heal and uplift our mood. ​A portion of the proceeds benefit youth programming in the Seattle/King County area.

6 KUUMBA Afua Kouyate.jpg

2021 KUUMBA (Individual)
Afua Kouyate

She is Co-Founder & Executive Director of ADEFUA Center, a teaching and performing artist specializing in cultural arts leadership, emphasizing therapeutic engagement (a holistic approach for inclusive interactions)

7 IMANI Planting People Growing Justice.jpg

2021 IMANI (Organizational)
Planting People Growing Justice

PPGJLI has helped thousands of students discover their leadership potential and serve as a change agent in their communities. Through school visits, workshops and seminars, PPGJLI fosters leadership development and facilitates the process of social change.

8b NGUZO SABA Dr. Maulana Karenga.jpg

Lifetime Achievement
Dr. Maulana Karenga

2 KUJICHAGULIA Helen J. Collier.jpg

2021 KUJICHAGULIA (Individual)
Helen J. Collier

"You're welcome to come and sit with me, but remember it's my parlor we're seated in."  - Helen Collier

3 UJIMA The Breakfast Group.jpg

2021 UJIMA (Organizational)
The Breakfast Group 

The oldest (non-fraternity) all-male African-American organization in the Northwest United States. They adopted The Project M.I.S.T.E.R. Program™ (Male Involvement & Service To Encourage Responsibility) 30 years ago to provide intervention opportunities between successful African-American adult males and “at-risk” African-American youth.

5 NIA Rev. Harriett Walden.jpg

2021 NIA (Individual)
Rev. Harriett Walden

Tune in weekly on Mondays for the
Mother’s Justice Show with Rev. Harriett G Walden from 2-3 pm Pacific on 1150 AM KKNW

6 KUUMBA Nu Black Arts West.jpg

2021 KUUMBA (Organizational)
Nu Black Arts West

8 NGUZO SABA Dr. Maxine Mimms.jpg

2021 NGUZO SABA (Individual)
Dr. Maxine Mimms

A lifetime commitment to education, intergenerational spaces, mentoring, coaching, loving, and critical conversations that benefit community. Founder, The Evergreen State College’s Tacoma campus and Maxine Mimms Academy in Washington State.

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