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Previous Award Recipients


CONGRATULATIONS to all of our Kwanzaa Award Winners over the years!!!!!


Kwanzaa Award Recipients


UMOJA - Omary H. Omary
KUJICHAGULIA - Debra Watkins
UJIMA - Anthony Shoecraft
UJAMAA - Lewis Rudd
NIA - Tana Yasu
KUUMBA - Darcell Hubbard Hayes
IMANI - Dr. Debra R. Sullivan
NGUZO SABA - Dr. Boyce Watkins


UMOJA - Brothers United In Leadership Development
KUJICHAGULIA - Converge Media
UJIMA - Black Prisoners’ Caucus
UJAMAA - Black Dot Underground
NIA - Onyx Fine Arts Collective
KUUMBA - Nguzo Babies
IMANI - Birthright AFRICA
NGUZO SABA - Rainier Valley Leadership Academy

Heshima Kwa Mababu (Honour to Our Ancestors)
Vickie Williams, Life Enrichment Book Store (LEMS)

1 UMOJA Omary H. Omary.jpg

2022 UMOJA (Individual)
Omary H. Omary


  • Winner - Global Humanitarian Award 2023 💎

  • A Zanzibari Multi-Award Winning Poet & Activist. Focusing on: Climate| Gender| Peace & Justice.

2 KUJICHAGULIA Converge Media.jpg

2022 KUJICHAGULIA (Organizational)
Converge Media

CHANGING THE NARRATIVE. They provide content and local news specifically for the Northwest’s Black community. Converge believe that the Black community deserves authentic representation, a focus on our community’s issues, and equitable access to elected officials, leadership, and governmental information.

4 UJAMAA Lewis Rudd.jpg

2022 UJAMAA (Individual) Lewis Rudd

Mr. Rudd is an example of using your community capital and trust to open up the conversation toward equity and profitability in our community of Black businesses.

5 NIA Onyx Fine Arts Collective.jpg

2022 NIA (Organizational) Onyx Fine Arts Collective

A voluntary, non-profit organization whose mission is to educate, inspire, cultivate, and showcase the artwork of artists of African descent from our Pacific Northwest communities.

7 IMANI Dr. Debra R. Sullivan.jpg

2022 IMANI (Individual) Dr. Debra R. Sullivan

In higher education for forty years as an educator, researcher, curriculum developer, coach, and administrator and she loves co-creating collaborative communities that center on Black children, youth, and their families. 

8 NGUZO SABA Rainier Valley Leadership Academy.jpg

2022 NGUZO SABA (Organizational)
Rainier Valley Leadership Academy (RVLA)

  • Seattle's premier public charter school (grades K-12).

  • The only all Black-led charter in the sector with leaders that come from the community we serve.  

  • A staff that hovers around 75% Global Majority,

  • Scholar/student population is 97% Global Majority and 85% Black.

1 UMOJA BUILD 206.jpg

A grassroots organization with the vision that Black men are empowered leaders and mentors who make positive change in our community by instilling pride, hope, and perseverance in Black men. 

3 UJIMA Anthony Shoecraft.jpg

2022 UJIMA (Individual)
Anthony Shoecraft

A super-connector and strategist whose background informs his personal investment in servant leadership, human capital, and creating the conditions that enable fair and just inclusion into a society in which all, particular Black folk can participate, prosper and reach their full potential.

4 UJAMAA Black Dot Underground.jpg

2022 UJAMAA (Organizational)

Black Dot Underground

Black Dot Underground provides space, knowledge, and support to help launch and grow dreams into sustainable ventures. Black Dot is a culturally responsive community focused on connecting entrepreneurs, creatives, and technologists of African descent.

6 KUUMBA Darcell Hubbard Hayes.jpg

2022 KUUMBA (Individual) Darcell Hubbard Hayes

Performer, Artistic Director and Talent Scout. She is a founder of the Seattle Teen Summer Musical, an institution that stands as one of the best programs for Black youth for The City of Seattle Parks Department and Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute.

7 IMANI Birthright AFRICA.jpg

2022 IMANI (Organizational) Birthright AFRICA

Formed in 2015, their heritage-based leadership program inspires scholars to draw pride, confidence, and creativity from their cultural roots and legacy of innovation in the United States and Africa.

2 KUJICHAGULIA Debra Watkins.jpg

2022 KUJICHAGULIA (Individual)
Debra Watkins

Founder and Executive Director of ABEN: A Black Education Network, Debra Watkins has been part of the movement to define what African-centered education looks like in the areas of STEM.

3 UJIMA Black Prisoners' Caucus.jpg

2022 UJIMA (Organizational) Black Prisoners' Caucus

Incarceration affects all of us. The Black Prisoners' Caucus brings humanity and love to our brothers and sisters who would be broken by a system that does not love them and does not build their humanity. BPC has been making our communities healthier.

5 NIA Tana Yasu.jpg

2022 NIA (Individual)
Tana Yasu

“Being a Creator and Nurturing the community is my most deep passion.  I count as wealth the vast and deep relationships I have with My People of American descent and, the Diaspora. Everyone Eats, at My Table." -Tana Yasu

6 KUUMBA Nguzo Babies.jpg

2022 KUUMBA (Organizational) Nguzo Babies

Nguzo Babies was created to be a positive puppet show for children teaching the 7 principles of Kwanzaa through storytelling.

8 NGUZO SABA Dr. Boyce Watkins.jpg

2022 NGUZO SABA (Individual) Dr. Boyce Watkins

He advocates for education and economic empowerment and has changed the definition of what it means to be a Black scholar and leader in America.

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